How Can We Help You?

Our team of experienced retail professionals work with shop owners to identify opportunities to increase store sales, reduce store expenses, and generate more profit and cash from their small business. We provide shop owners the advice and expertise to succeed in the local market and compete with the global internet shopping phenomenon.

Small business owners we work with all seem to have similar life goals:

  • Make more money
  • Have more fun at work and at home
  • Maintain a work/life balance

The key to achieving these goals is to structure your small business so that it operates with or without you. Let us work with you to establish the standards in the 3 key disciplines that drive your retail operation: Product Presentation, Staff Optimization, and Operational Excellence.


Product Presentation

The Next Level Retail has built their reputation on providing expert visual merchandising advise to shop owners. Our visual merchandisers are amongst the best in New England and can make practical suggestions to improve the shopping environment in your store so you can sell more stuff!

We will work with you to provide advice on curb appeal, merchandise presentation, visual collateral, ease of shopping, register add-on sales, and in-store signage that incorporates your company logo and branding.

Our team of trained retail merchandisers are available to provide the advice or do the work for you. We are fast and efficient merchandisers and always clean as we go! We can assist you in your spring or fall floor set or drop in once a month for a visual tune up. Either way, we will work with you and your staff to explain our merchandising rationale and will always recap our visit with the manager on duty.


Staff Optimization

People buy things from people they like. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and productive selling staff are the cornerstone for any small business. Our team of experienced retail HR executives can guide you in developing your most important resource.

Our retail Human Resource experts have extensive experience in workforce management. Each member of our team has run stores and understands the importance of effective personnel management. The goal of our Human Resource team is to help you optimize your most important (and usually most costly) investment.

Our expertise lies in these critical components of staff optimization:

  • Recruiting – Resume screening, interviewing and offer extension and acceptance.
  • On-Boarding – Employee Manual and Job Description drafting and review, selling floor training, register and IT/operation training, and customer service expectations.
  • Performance Review – Performance planning and annual performance appraisal process.
  • Promotion and Development – Responsibility assignments and management expectations.
  • Certified Retail Sales Leadership Training
  • Progressive Discipline and Separation – Verbal and written communication practices to protect employer and properly warn employee.
  • Work Environment – Safe, welcoming, harassment free, work environment to promote wellbeing.
    Let us help you develop the team of your dreams! It’s all about establishing standards for performance and behavior and holding each team member accountable to your standards and expectations.


Operational Excellence

Good homes are built on solid foundations. Let our trained operational experts insure your operation runs smoothly for the benefit of your customer.

An exceptional customer experience begins with dedication to selling floor and back of house process and procedure. Development of a Business Operating Manual including practical use checklists and simple audit programs, set the tone for “how we do things around here.”

Our team of Store Operation experts have experience in the disciplines that make your store run like a clock:

  • Storefront, Curb Appeal, and Store Entry
  • Ease of Shopping and ADA Standards Compliance
  • Clean, Neat, and Organized Shopping Environment
  • Outstanding Customer Service Team
  • Customer Facing Elements; Restrooms, Fitting Rooms, and Customer Check Out
  • Directional and In-Store Signage
  • Register and Check Out Operations
  • Stockroom, Office, and Breakroom Organization


Operational Excellence = Happy Staff = Happy Customers = Buying Customers


Competing and Profiting in the Age of Internet Shopping

The harsh reality: Your customers can buy anything you sell in your store on-line and have it delivered to their door step tomorrow. How do small business owners compete with the evolving internet shopping phenomenon?

  • Provide Your Customers an Exceptional Shopping Experience Each Time They Visit Your Store
  • Improve Your On-Line Shopping Experience. Invest in Business Branding and On-Line Selling
  • Understand Your Competition; Local, Regional, and Global and Develop Strategies to Compete and Succeed


Retail Financial Advice

Let a retail financial expert help you make sense of your finances and find money in registers you didn’t know existed. The Next Level Retail owner, Kory Sirmaian, a Certified Public Accountant, understands the financial responsibilities of owning and operating a small business. Let Kory and his team of certified financial experts help you navigate the path to profitability.

We can provide you with simple tools to insure you are on top of your business finances:

  • Bookkeeping – Quickbooks training to keep track of all your business records
  • Financial Statements Review – Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet review
  • Annual Budgeting – Prepare a budget once per year for actual results comparison
  • Merchandising Reports – Review sales, gross profit, and purchasing reports to drive sales