Developing a small retail store into a profitable retail operation may seem daunting.

Our team of retail experts are here to guide the way.

What we do

What We DoThe team at The Next Level Retail is here to help you sell more of your stuff. What’s your stuff?

The team of experienced professionals at The Next Level Retail work directly with shop owners to identify opportunities to increase store sales, reduce store expenses, and generate more profit and cash from their small business. We provide retail owners the advice and expertise to succeed in the local market and compete with the global internet shopping phenomenon.

Our team has extensive experience in retail visual merchandising, staff optimization, and store operational efficiency. We have worked with big box national retailers, New England regional retailers, and New Hampshire small business owners.


We will work with you to understand what you sell and how you sell it, and develop a simple strategy to sell more of it. Simple as that.


Learn the traits of a Retail Store Leader – Experts at The Next Level Retail reveal the fundamentals of running your own business.

Running a business is not an easy task. Moreover, people often think that it is impossible if you don’t have a certain talent. The truth is somewhere in the middle – if you have a strong desire for business and time to improve yourself, you can become a true leader of a modern company. Kory Sirmaian, owner of The Next Level Retail and “Certified Retail Sales Leadership Trainer,” will reveal some of the dominant features of a modern business leader and give you some important advice on running your own business.


Business growth

Discover how your small business can position itself for growth and prosperity. Did you know that 8 out of 10 franchise businesses succeed compared to 2 out of 10 independent small businesses? Understand the reasons why and take advantage of the franchise model for retail success.